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The fund aims to provide capital growth by investing in Swiss equities without capitalization or sector limits and with a bias over small & mid caps. The fund invests more that 51% of its assets in equities or equity-related securities. The fund seeks to generate a positive return during rising equity markets passing to a defensive approach during bearish trends in all time horizons. The fund may use derivatives in order to achieve investment gains, reduce risk or manage the fund more efficiently and may have a net equity exposure for more than 100%.

4General Data

Domicile: Luxembourg
Legal Structure: SICAV Ucits V
Fund Manager: SWM SA
Custodian: State Street, LUX

Reference Currency: CHF

AuM: CHF 15.70 M

NAV Frequency: Daily

Registered in: LUX, CH, IT

Management Fee: A:0.9% B:1.2% C:0.4%

Performance Fee: 10% HWM

NAV as at 30.04.2022: CHF 83.96


CHF A Ist:       LU1435247876
CHF B Retail: LU1435247959
CHF C Ist:       LU1435248098

Share Type: Accumulation

Investor’s profile

Targeting investors with a superior risk tolerance who expect capital growth over the business cycle, investing primarily in Swiss equities.

Fund manager insights

During April 2022, the Swissness Equity Fund collected a loss of 6.01%, while the Swiss Performance Index generated a positive result of 0.42%. The fund maintained for the whole past month a net exposure to equities around 140% as we remained confident that after the sell-off started last year after the spreading of the Omicron variant and the pessimistic first quarter of 2022, the equity market would have had the opportunity to recover at least a part of the losses. Instead also in April Swiss small and mid-caps faced a new sharp bearish movement which brought the prices not too far from the lows hit in early March; the war between Russia and Ukraine, the still high volatility in energy prices, the fears about inflation and the consequent rise in interest rates in the US are still frightening investors who reacted with generalized sales on the entire sector on which the Swissness fund is most concentrated. For what concerns the underlying portfolio, we reduced the exposure in Zurich Insurance Group, Sika and Lindt and increased
the positions in Dufry and Straumann Holding. For the next weeks, considering that the decline in Swiss small and mid cap stocks in the last 6 months is now one of the worst in the last 12 years, we decided to keep the net exposure to equities at 140%; we are in fact confident that the fall in prices is now nearing its end and should therefore be interpreted as a buy opportunity as always occurred in the last decade. The
intrinsic value of the fund’s underlying stocks hasn’t changed since a few months ago; it’s just time to be patient and keep a cool head without panicking